Soch College of IT

Soch College of IT
Soch College of IT
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Soch College of IT is one of the leading IT colleges of Pokhara that solely focuses on providing qualitative and affordable IT education. It is situated in a peaceful and serene environment at Ranipauwa, Pokhara. SOCH College is affiliated to Tribhuvan University and believes in providing such an environment to the students where their creativity can flourish. SOCH College of IT ideally focuses on providing the best education in IT field. SOCH College is established with the vision of providing advanced technical education to the students and bringing them forward to compete and succeed in the IT industry.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology is an ideal course that SOCH College of IT has been providing since its establishment. B.Sc. CSIT is a four-year course that is an integration of both computer science and information technology. It is designed to provide the students with an in-depth knowledge of computing and IT. Hence, this course involves a great deal of practical knowledge and project works. Similarly, B.Sc. CSIT course is divided into 8 semesters, and students have to study new subjects in every semester which is of 6 months duration. This way students can learn new and advanced subjects and cover the knowledge of various IT fields. Moreover, the course comprises of some compulsory and elective subjects. Students can choose the subjects of their interest which helps them later to specialize in a field.

SOCH College of IT provides the course of B.Sc. CSIT in an affordable and advanced manner. The college provides the students with a number of facilities such as a well-stocked library where they can find an abundance of course books and other additional books of Information technology. Similarly, the college also provides the facility of the digital library which is more convenient and easily accessible by the students. Moreover, spacious and well-equipped computer laboratory is also provided by the college where students can gain complete practical experience, complete their project works and assignments. Furthermore, the college has also made a digital laboratory available to the students where students can gain practical experience on the digital logic and networking. Apart from the facilities, well experienced and qualified faculty members also contribute their day and night to guide the students towards a better career in future. Many reputed guest lecturers also give important lectures in several subjects which are even more effective.

SOCH College of IT is one of the few iT colleges in Nepal that focuses on uplifting the technical education and enlighten the students to develop their knowledge in the field of Computer and Information technology which has become an integral part of our lives. In this competitive world of Information Technology, colleges like SOCH College of IT is much needed so that the students of our country can compete at the international level and get reputed positions in the multinational companies. Furthermore, SOCH College also envisions to ensure quality education in the IT field so that students of all level can move forward to develop their career in the IT field.


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