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IT Colleges in Nepal is a website which provides a comprehensive information related to IT colleges present in Nepal. Best IT Colleges in Nepal.

We all know that humans have been  storing, retrieving, manipulating and communicating information since the times of Sumerians of Mesopotamia, who  developed writing in pre-historic times about 3000 B.C ago. The term, “Information technology came in 1958 in an article published by Harold J Leavitt and Thomas L. Whisler when they said in an article published at “Harvard Business Review” that the new technology didn’t have a common established name so they called it Information Technology which encompasses three aspects: Techniques for processing, application of statistical and mathematical tools for decision making and simulation of higher order thinking through computer programs. This is how the field of IT was manifested and expanded to a broader sense.

IT for students is now an undergraduate degree program that prepares them to meet computer technology needs of business, government, healthcare, schools and firms. Coming to our website, we created www.itcollegenepal.com for the students’ overview of colleges running IT Programs which is now a need for almost every job that process data for decision making in the commercial perspective.

We provide you with the information about the courses conducted by the IT Colleges throughout Nepal. You can visit our website to find out details of the college, course of study, programs offered by different Universities to study and choose the one that matches your requirements. Now a days there are many private colleges in Nepal established to run various undergraduate and graduate level programs in Science and Management. Some of the IT courses are BIM(Bachelor Of Information Management), B.Sc (CSIT)  Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology, BCA(Bachelor Of Computer Application), BE computer(Bachelor Of Computer Engineering),  M.Sc in computers and  M.Sc  in system management. The Information Technology course builds the skill in both theoretical and practical knowledge so that students can face the challenge of the traditional computing environment. The course also helps to develop the analytical and communication skills and exposure for new technology and researches.

IT professionals and IT Experts are most in demand jobs preferably Banking sector where they have an IT head who is the controller of information system  looking for the possibilities of opening new markets, new products, new services, managing customer demands and efficient delivery channel by the use of Information Technology. Banks were in fact, the earliest adopters of automated information processing technology. Revolution in e-banking services has given a broad path for relationship banking for the banking solutions. Besides this, IT is also a backbone for media, education, medical and transport sectors. Career opportunities are Security expert, web designer, technical support, database administrator, 3D Animation/Graphic design, computer software engineer, software/program developer technical writer, database designer, data entry, network administrator ,system analyst, application programmers, coders, research and hardware development, hardware engineer, Geographical information systems officer.

By logging our website you can also know about hostels, syllabus of BIM and B.Sc. (CSIT) and some old questions to give information about IT Colleges Nepal.