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Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)

Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) is a 4 years degree. Various universities are providing this degree which is mentioned below:

  • Purbanchal University
  • Tribhuvan University
  • Pokhara University
Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) was first introduced by Purbanchal University in the year 1999. It was then 3 years degree. However, after a couple of years, the duration of BCA was upgraded to 4 years. Purbanchal and Pokhara University has launched this degree under Science and Technology faculty. However, Tribhuvan University has launched this degree under the faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences as a four years degree. The main focus of BCA course is towards the application development i.e. most of the BCA graduates work as software engineers. Most of the programming courses are introduced as core subjects of BCA along with database, network, computer architecture, data structures and algorithms, digital logic and so on.

Eligibility requirement

Anyone who has completed 12 years of High School is eligible to study Bachelors of Computer Application. Based on the universities the minimum score needed in 12 may be different. The main advantage of BCA degree is that students from any faculty can study BCA. Students passing 12 and from Humanities and Social Sciences background can still study BCA.

Entrance Exam for BCA

It is necessary for a student to appear in the entrance examination conducted by the respective universities to study BCA. Students failing to pass or get a minimum score in the entrance test may not qualify to study BCA. Moreover, some colleges conduct their own examination or interview process for enrollment in the BCA program. Students are requested to visit the respective colleges who teaches BCA and get more information regarding their admission procedure.