Tinau Technical College

Tinau Technical College
Tinau Technical College
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Tinau Technical College is located at Shankarnagar-5, Rupandehi which was inaugurated in 2069 B.S. This is the first B.Sc. CSIT College of Butwal and offers the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology (B.Sc. CSIT) course under the affiliation of Tribhuvan University. This college is the only one private academic institution and that aims to provide in-depth knowledge of Information Technology.

With the increasing demand of technology in the present world, various academic institutions have been trying to uplift the study of computing through different programs. Among multiple IT courses, B.Sc. CSIT is one of those courses that have been popular day by day. B.Sc. CSIT is a four-year program which is taught on Semester wise basis. This program is designed for those students who are interested in pursuing their career path in the field of Information Technology. B.Sc. CSIT enables students to deal with the frequent change of the global challenges. Students will be able to know all sorts of advanced knowledge regarding Computer Science and Information Technology as B.Sc. CSIT combines these two courses which benefit students with the dual specialization. This course helps to meet the needs of the students by preparing them to explore their technical skills internally as well as externally. B.Sc. CSIT graduates will be capable of handling the real world e-media products as well as they can fix the technical problems of hardware and software depending upon their area of specialization. They also can gain both practical and theoretical knowledge in this study. Also, they will have the intensive knowledge of theory, designing, programming and other applications of computing. B.Sc. CSIT program enhances the creativity and shapes up the skills of the students that helps to guide them on the right path.

Tinau Technical College offers B.Sc. CSIT program at a reasonable price in order to provide an opportunity for the students of every background. This college facilitates students with well-managed infrastructures required for the effectiveness of the study.


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