Samriddhi College

Samriddhi College
Samriddhi College
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Samriddhi College is one of the leading colleges of Nepal located at Lokanthali, Bhaktapur. Samriddhi College has been providing a world-class education to the students since it’s establishment. The college runs in partnership with top colleges in the United States. Hence, the college has an education standard of an international level. Similarly, the college has the benefit of an international board of advisors and guest lecturers from around the world. Samriddhi College is well known for the quality education it provides to the students.

Samriddhi College has been currently providing the courses of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology (B.Sc. CSIT), Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) and Bachelor of Social Work (BSW). The college specializes in providing IT education by providing the popular course of B.Sc. CSIT which is a four-year program that provides intense knowledge in the field of information technology and computer science. It is an integration of the computer science studies and information technology. This course focuses more on practical education and involves plenty of project works and laboratory assignments. Similarly, this course helps the students to understand principles and applications of the computer. As the course provides intense knowledge in IT field, the course comprises of various core computer science subjects and other elective subjects. Students are benefited as they can choose among the elective subjects as per their interest.

Today’s IT industry is challenging and dynamic, hence it needs skilled people who are able to cope with any kind of environment. B.Sc. CSIT is a course that prepares students to get professional skills and work in the real-time working environment. It equips the students with all the required skills in the field of IT which also helps them to solve the complex problems arising in the industry. The main focus of the course is that it develops an understanding of the application of the computer. Moreover, it not only deals with the software part of the computer but it also deals with the hardware part. Overall, this course develops a complete knowledge in the computer and IT field.

B.Sc. CSIT at Samriddhi College is more advanced with the facilities it provides such as computer lab and library which is essential for the students to learn more and gain practical experience. The college provides two computer laboratories, each containing 24 latest computers. The college also provides the students with a vibrant learning environment and also strives to prepare students to meet the day-to-day challenges occurring in today’s generation of IT field. Similarly, a well experienced and qualified group of faculty members thrive to provide academic excellence to the students.


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