Nobel College

Nobel College
Nobel College
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Nobel College is committed to quality education relevant for future managers, entrepreneurs, IT Specialists, health professionals. The College believes the country
must have skilled human resource to take Nepal successfully in the future. Nobel College was established in 2001 extension of Nobel Academy. It acquired enviable
reputation for the quality of education and affiliated to Pokhara University. Since same entrepreneurial team has established Nobel College that set up Nobel
Academy. It has earned credibility as the reputed institute.Nobel College is successfully implementing several programs at Bachelors level in Business Administration,
Computer Information System, Health Care Management, Public health, Nursing, Medical Laboratory Technology, Medical Bio-Chemistry, Medical Microbiology in affiliation
with Pokhara University.Academicians and teachers have worked very hard and many students have secured excellent results in University Examinations.Most of the students have been employed and some have opted for higher studies.The highly qualified staff and teachers are supplemented by visiting faculties with strong backgrounds in academic research and consulting supports.The innovative and participatory teaching methods have facilitated effective learning.Mr. Nawaraj Pandey is the Founder/Chairman.The college also offers programs such as BAchelor in Business Administration BBA, Bachelor of Computer Information System BCIS, Bachelor in Health Care ManagementBHCM, Bachelor in Business Administration-Banking and Insurance.The students have to go through an internship program for the completion of their Bachelors program successfully.

Bachelor of Computer Information systems (BCIS) is a 4-year academic program at Nobel College under Faculty of Management Studies (FMS) of Pokhara University.It provides
the theoritical foundation and practical knowledge in Computer Information System and Information Technology.It is designed to offer the students an opportunity to acquire
the basic concepts and job oriented knowledge in computers and flair, in theory, tools, and techniques of modern management.Students can choose options for elective
courses. They must also do Project Work and submit reports.It is rare opportunity to be a graduate with two disciplines of equal competence.Nobel College has an
exchange program for students and teachers from the USA, UK and Japan and advanced teaching/learning sitauation in advance level Biomedical science, Management and

Nobel College is located at Sinamangal, Kathmandu.


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