National Infotech College

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National Infotech College is one of the leading IT colleges of Nepal located at Shreepur, Birgunj. This college envisions achieving academic excellence, providing various opportunities and supportive environment to the students. Similarly, the college also focuses on providing creative and analytical skills to the students rather than just theoretical knowledge. NI believes in providing practical and job oriented programs to the students so that they will be able to cope with the challenges of the present IT industry.
National Infotech College provides higher secondary education as well as undergraduate programs. B.Sc. CSIT is the main program provided by this college. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology is a four-year course that is an integration of science and information technology. This program is basically a practical program and requires a great deal of project works, assignments and practical experience. This program enables the students to explore their interest and pursue their career either as a computer professional or IT specialist.
B.Sc. CSIT comprises of compulsory as well as elective subjects that meet the needs of academic requirements as well as the market demand. As this program is semester-based, students can study a wide variety of subjects every six months. Moreover, this course covers both hardware and software aspects of the computer along with the latest technologies. B.Sc. CSIT at National Infotech College is advanced and covers all the latest technological topics. NI also provides all the necessary facilities such as computer and science laboratories where students can explore and equip themselves with the practical knowledge. NI also provides supportive and friendly environment to the students that motivate them to develop their skills and achieve excellence.
The IT industry is developing rapidly and changing every minute. There is an abundance of opportunities for the people with skills in the IT industry. B.Sc. CSIT is a course that enables the students to involve in various fields of computing and IT industry. The graduates of B.Sc. CSIT have the opportunity to work in government, non-government.
organizations, private, software companies and so on. B.Sc. CSIT graduates can professionalize as a Software Developer, Web Developer, Database Administrator, IT manager, System Analyst, Project Manager Etc.
The students applying for B.Sc. CSIT must have completed plus 2 in Science stream at least with a second division. Similarly, the entrance examination conducted by the university should also be passed by the students. After this, the candidates must also sit for the examination and interview at National Infotech College and the selected candidates must go through the admission procedure. The students are only eligible to study this course after all the mentioned criteria are fulfilled.
National Infotech is a pure Information Technology college and only this type of college can understand the true needs of the IT students. Hence, NI truly understands the needs of IT students and strives to meet all those needs. It solely focuses on providing quality IT education to the students and guiding them to a successful and reputed career in the computer and IT field. B.Sc. CSIT at National Infotech is a highly reputed and practical course for the students who dream to conquer the IT world.


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