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Morgan International College
Morgan International College
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BIM Program at Morgan International College

Job markets today look upon enhanced technical skills and familiarity with use of Information Technology. BIM is an interdisciplinary educational approach to students interested in the applied form of information and communication technology. BIM graduates gain knowledge and skills to develop business information systems, analyze and design database, develop networks and internet applications, build business process plans through use of information technology. It is 4 years academic programs divided into eight semesters and 126 credit hours in total designed by Tribhuwan University.  60% of course structure is Information Technology which is pure science and 40% of course structure is based on management education.

The objectives of the program are:

  • Prepare IT proficient professionals in the usage of techniques of computers to develop effective information systems and solve real life problems of organization.
  • Develop students’ skills in object-oriented software designs and data management systems.
  • Provide professional training to students by combining information technology with managerial skills.
  • Aid students to proceed on post graduate studies in information management within and outside the country.

The evaluation of students lies in the hands of College and University. College assesses student’s  performance throughout the semester on attendance, unit test, assignments, send up exams, project work and presentations (40% weightage) and end semester exams carries remaining 60%.Students must get minimum GPA 2.0 in each course.

Admission in Morgan College is in following steps:

  1. Collect the enrollment forms against sum of NPR 1000.
  2. Fill carefully in the applicant’s own handwriting.
  3. Return the form to the admission department.
  4. Written CMAT test and interviews
  5. Attach transcripts of previous academic records with the enrollment forms.
  6. Final selection based on academic record, student’s performance in entrance test, adoption of University’s norms and values.

Provisional admissions are also open but students are advised to take entrance test. It is valid if the results of previous examinations are received on or before last date of application.


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