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Mission College was inaugurated in 2067 B.S. with the vision of delivering well-rounded education and producing professionals with excellent academic background. The college believes in application-oriented education and activity-based learning and hence, focuses on providing the best academic environment needed for this. The college provides plus two programs as well as undergraduate programs. The college is specialized in providing Bachelor of Business Studies and Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology.
Mission College is one of the few colleges in Saptari district that provides IT education. The college is specialized in providing B.Sc. CSIT which is a very popular IT course affiliated to Tribhuvan University. It is a four-year course that is designed to provide an in-depth knowledge of the computer system and information technology. This program is useful for both computer professionals and IT specialists. B.Sc. CSIT is a practical course that requires a lot of project works and practical assignments as well as research activities. Moreover, this course also develops critical thinking and problem-solving skills in the students. Students of this course have a choice of multiple career opportunities. B.Sc. CSIT course comprises various compulsory as well as elective subjects. Students are allowed to choose their desired subject from the elective subjects as per their interest.
B.Sc. CSIT is an internationally renowned course and hence graduates of the course have the benefit of being able to work in any corner of the world. B.Sc. CSIT at Mission College focuses on providing advanced and additional knowledge that is out of the syllabus and also about the latest technologies so that the students are prepared to cope with the present competitive working environment. Moreover, the college also provides various facilities such as a well-stocked library, E-library, a well-equipped computer laboratory with wifi and other basic facilities. Furthermore, Mission College allows the students to explore their area of interest and guides them to achieve their dream.
The IT industry is the fastest growing industry and holds tremendous opportunities for skilled people. The graduates of B.Sc. CSIT can get a number of opportunities to work in reputed companies. Graduates of B.Sc. CSIT can work in various governmental, non-governmental, private and public software companies as IT managers, Software developers, Web developers, System Analyst, Database Administrator and so on. As the course develops a strong foundation in the computing and information technology, students can later specialize in any IT field that they prefer.
In order to apply for B.Sc. CSIT at Mission College, the student must have completed plus two in Science or equivalent with at least second division and also pass the entrance exam conducted by Tribhuvan University. Alongside, the college also conducts an entrance examination, the student must also pass this exam and the selected candidates will have to sit for an interview. Mission College also provides a scholarship for the needy and deserving students. The college has been continually providing quality education in the IT and management field.


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