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Kist College
Kist College
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KIST stands for Kathmandu Institute of Science and Technology. Kist College is a College established in the year 1995 and now offering courses for 10+2 education  in Management and Science, full-fledged Bachelor’s Degree Program such as BBA (Bachelors of Business Administration),  BBS(Bachelors In Business Studies), BIM(Bachelors in Information Management),BIT(Bachelors in Information technology), BSc.(Microbiology) followed by excellent Master’s Degree program in  MSc (Microbiology) and  MBS(Master Of Business Studies) respectively.

KIST College is located in Kamalpokhari.  It was initiated with a perspective of grooming qualified and skilled human resource in the fields of science and management for the nation .It not only empowers students with distinctive technical knowledge but creates a suitable environment which is competitive and friendly enough to satiate the learning needs of the students. KIST College not only has the physical infrastructure to give a learning atmosphere but also equipped with strong group of faculty members who are dedicated, reliable and experts of their own fields.

They have a unique way of learning-teaching approach in the classrooms. The quality of education delivery at different levels they cover is probably one -of-the best kinds. Student’s intake is interconnected to academic excellence. So the pragmatic student focused learning approach yields top results in key examinations. First rate amenities on campus with management of transportation system attract the best students. The added facilities of separate girls and boys hostel, cafeteria at the centrally located campus gives an environment of learning effectively and efficiently as well. For learning on campus the college has a resource centre like well-stocked library with adjunct, an e-library, computer labs, science-labs where students can collect resource material for their respective courses of study. It has digital logic labs. The college is located downtown next to large pond Kamal Pokhari and has a spacious property for both indoor and outdoor recreational activities. Students have happy life on campus. KIST is also an excellent motivator for their student’s career and life’s goal. They get pastoral care, career counseling with academic and life skills for their all-round development. For the school level pass outs after S.E.E it becomes very hectic to choose the right college for higher learning. There are many colleges and this has created competitive ground with one another.  However, student and Guardians have right to choose the best from alternatives. To do well in life and meet personal and professional goals KIST College is the right choice for the deserving students. They will have an exciting and memorable time in their life at KIST College.

To get admission for Plus2 level in Science applicants need GPA of 2.8 and Management studies they need at least 2.6 GPA in S.E.E or equivalent exams. Applicants need to fill out admission form with required documents, appear in competitive entrance exams, qualify with positive results, interview session with their parents. Selected candidates are handed offer letters for admission with or without scholarship at the end of the interview. Once the acceptance letter is received by the college it will confirm admission with foreword about tuition fees. Successful candidates will be the bonafide student of KIST College. The same procedure is applied to Bachelor’s Level program application by the candidates.

The College grounds are fairly large and contain sports facilities like basketball, badminton, and table tennis. They are used for multifarious college events or other important outdoor purposes. Teachers not only supervise the academic performance but provide guidance and go through ongoing professional development and trainings. The assignments given to the students are systematic vacation homework, ample preparatory homework for board examinations along with class assignments according to the syllabus prescribed.

KIST focus meticulously on monitoring the development and progress of each student. They also give feedback to the students as a part of the assessment in order to support and coach the students which is very vital academically. Apart from theoretical knowledge KIST imparts practical knowledge in labs and workshops to demonstrate the application of their study in classrooms. Teachers leave no stone unturned to facilitate the students learning. Lots of tutorials, prepatory courses, refresher classes are conducted to sharpen the students for final exams and also enhance their skills and techniques. College counselors advice for choosing the right course, job placement and scholarships, meeting   the market opportunities with student’s requirements.

The College strives for continuous scholastic improvement by narrowing the gap between aims and attainments. Discipline for task completion and time management is crucial and the college sees that it is followed by the students. KIST College opens interactive platform with the Parents and Alumni engagement seminars. College provides talent based scholarship based on student’s performance and merit. Scholarships  build motivation to do better and encourages self-improvement. Community of teachers and students discusses subject matters, projects, and activities across a wide network of relationships.

The College also maintains close relationships with national & international universities related bodies for stimulating intellectual enquiry. Farewell  programs for graduate pass-outs are also done formally. KIST College organized talk program for BSc and Msc Microbiology students.10 day practical accounting training for BBA 3rd and 4th Semester students, Banking training for BBA 6TH Semester students  to encourage professionalization of students.



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