Himalayan College of Engineering

Himalayan College of Engineering
Himalayan College of Engineering
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Himalayan College of Engineering was inaugurated in June 2000 A.D which is located at Chayasal, Kathmandu which is established to produce qualified engineers for the nation. This college has been run by different experienced and qualified professionals. This college is established with an aim of providing quality engineering education and producing competent engineering graduates. The college has extended their hands to KMC Educational Network since May 2007 and has enlarged programs and achieved strength its association with the network.
Himalayan College of Engineering has the vision to establish itself as one of the best institutions in the field of science and engineering. Himalayan College of Engineering is one of the renowned colleges of engineering besides that it provides different course related to IT. This college has been offering different programs related to engineering like Bachelor in Civil Engineering (BE. Civil), Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.) and Bachelor of Electronics and Communication Engineering. As well as this college offers different programs related to Information Technology(IT) like Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology (B.Sc.CSIT) and Bachelor of Computer Engineering (BE Computer).
In the present context, the demand for Information Technology (IT) has been grown up and every college has been providing different courses regarding Information Technology. This college offers various IT program like B.Sc.CSIT which was launched in the academic year 2068/69. B.Sc.CSIT is TU affiliated course which provides information on both Computer science and Information Technology. This course builds the skills in both theoretical and practical so that students can face the challenges of the traditional computing environment. Himalayan College of Engineering provides advanced knowledge to the students of B.Sc.CSIT students so that they can specialise in the field of technology and computer science. This college offers various practical and project works to the students that will effectively help in solving the different problem related to this sector. This course offers internship period of 3 months so that students can choose their area of interest.

Besides this course, Himalayan College of Engineering offers Bachelor in Computer Engineering which is also one of the IT course. Bachelor of Computer Engineering is also a four-year course of TU which provides all sorts of knowledge regarding computer systems such as hardware, software and many other components of computer system. This course not only focuses on a single part of hardware and software but also provides in-depth knowledge regarding computer system.
Himalayan College of Engineering provides different facilities for students and conducts seminars, workshop and training so that students have an extensive knowledge. As, Himalayan is a college of engineering it focuses on producing skillful engineers for a nation through providing different training, workshop and adequate knowledge in an appropriate environment.


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