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divya gyan bca

Divya Gyan College is running BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application) program under the affiliation of Tribhuvan University. The college is itself run by a team of IT experts and moreover the college is promoted by a professional learning center and a software company. The college has an association some of the software companies of Nepal where BCA graduates can later get an opportunity for internship and job.

The college follows a theme “earn while you learn“. Students of Divya Gyan College will be under apprenticeship. Instead of limiting the students with just BCA syllabus only, students will be given the professional exposure which will help them to do job right after the first few semesters. This will help students to learn and experience more from the job which will further help them to perform more in the course. Students will understand the importance of BCA and topics covered within the course. Once the students start earning they will concentrate more on their studies since they will start to understand the importance of it.

Divya Gyan College can easily offer jobs to BCA students after their professional training since the college has an industry where students can be engaged in different computer related activities like software development, web designing, graphics designing, video editing, animation, networking and many more.

We are already seeing the practice of doing jobs by students which is increasing more in the recent days. Hence, Divya Gyan College has been able to understand the demand of the market. There are still lots of vacancies to be fulfilled in IT sector hence BCA graduates can be a great asset.

BCA Course Structure

BCA is focused towards the application area in computer science which means the main objective of  the course is to develop IT manpower needed for our industry. Some of the positions which BCA graduates can fulfill are application development, quality assurance, interface design, multimedia, network and security, system administration, IT managers, project managers, system analyst and so on.

Most of the course in BCA is focused towards learning computer related subjects which in turn makes this degree more interesting to IT enthusiast. Therefore, those students who are interested in learning core computer science subjects can join BCA. Please visit Divya Gyan College to get comprehensive information about BCA.


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