Deerwalk Institute of Technology

Deerwalk Institute of Technology
Deerwalk Institute of Technology
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Deerwalk Institute of Technology can be known as one of the popular Information Technology (IT) Institute which is located in Jaya Bageshwori Road, Siphal, Kathmandu, Nepal. Deerwalk Institute of Technology (DWIT) was established in the year 2010 and runs under the affiliation of Institute of Science and Technology, Tribhuvan University. Deerwalk Institute of Technology is founded on the collaboration of Nepalese entrepreneur and the USA based software company, Deerwalk Inc. DWIT aims to promote and improve the standard level of the education sector of Nepal, as this college is supported by both Nepalese and American highly qualified professionals which help in developing the economic standard of the nation. This institute has been seeking to train and make technical professionals in developing Nepal into the global marketplace.
Deerwalk Institute of Technology offers you, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology (B.Sc.CSIT) program that is affiliated to TU board. This program is taught by highly qualified professors with remarkable academic qualification and experience. This course has been designed to teach the quality of being capable of solving the complexity that occurs in computer software design and development. This program in Deerwalk Institute of Technology also provide the students with extraordinary and cover a large area in internship opportunities in Deerwalk, Inc. B.Sc.CSIT program is a four years course that consists of eight six-month semester which covers total 126 credit hours. The graduates will gain the ability to tackle with various kinds of software development projects given to the individual as DWIT provides advance knowledge with a curriculum which combines both theoretical as well as practical knowledge in the field of technology, science, and computer system. The demand for B.Sc.CSIT course has been increasing day by day and has become one of the innovative course for the students as well as IT organizations.
The objectives of Deerwalk Institute of Technology is to produce highly qualified and skillful technical leaders which fill up the gaps in the technical resource that exist in Nepal and to raise the economic standard by providing the students the opportunities to get a quality education in the field of computer science and information technology within the country.


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