College of Applied Business

College of Applied Business
College of Applied Business
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College of Applied Business (CAB) was established in 1998 with an aim of providing quality education from experienced professors. College of Applied Business offers different program like BBA, BIM, B.Sc.CSIT and BBS. This college offers different program affiliated with Tribhuvan University (TU) as well as it runs +2 under Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB). College of Applied Business has been providing all round facilities for its students to make a solid foundation. CAB College focuses on providing a better learning environment for students and guides them onto the right tracks in terms of career building and growth.
College of Applied Business is one of the best colleges for Information Technology (IT). This college provides B.Sc.CSIT which is a new program that CAB has introduced for students who have study science in +2. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology (B.Sc.CSIT) is a four-year course which is affiliated to Tribhuvan University (TU). This is the semester wise course with the credit hour of 126 and each semester has the duration of 6 months. This course is for such student who wants to build their career in the field of IT. College of Applied Business introduces this course for the students who want to build a strong foundation in the field of computer science and Technology
As in the present context, the demand for technology has been increasing rapidly so there is a high popular demand of B.Sc.CSIT course. The main objectives of B.Sc.CSIT program at this college are to upgrade the knowledge of the students in the field of computer and information technology. B.Sc.CSIT is a specialized program that deals with various aspects of science and computers. This course includes both theoretical and practical knowledge regarding information technology and computing. B.Sc.CSIT is a program which provides both theoretical and practical knowledge which helps them in solving a real problem regarding IT. Comparison to other IT course B.Sc.CSIT is regarded as one of the advanced course which deals with both computer science and information technology. This course helps the students to pursue their career in the field of information technology. College of Applied Business provides experienced professional for the students B.Sc.CSIT gives more priority on practical education so that students have in-depth knowledge regarding computer systems. This course helps to develop proficiency in theory, design, programming and application of computers.
College of Applied Business has progressed remarkably in the recent years and has created its high reputation. CAB College makes their students prepared for any type of assessments and gives more priority to the students on improving their education. CAB College not only focuses on education but also provides different extracurricular activities to the students for refreshment and engaging them in studies. The motto of this college is to bring the best result and make students qualified.


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