Birat Kshitiz College

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Birat Kshitiz College is one of the very few IT colleges in Nepal. In fact, this is the only pure IT college in the eastern region of Nepal. The college was established in 2069 B.S. with the aim to provide quality education in the IT field and produce skilled and knowledgeable professionals in the IT sector. The college has been providing advanced and proper education to the students since its establishment. The college further envisions to become the best IT education provider by including various IT programs in their academic programs.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information technology (B.Sc. CSIT) is the most popular IT program and Birat Kshitiz College provides this course to the students. It is a 4-year, eight-semester course that is affiliated to Tribhuvan University. B.Sc. CSIT is an integration of computer science and information technology. The course is specially designed to impart the in-depth knowledge of the implementation of the computer science and information technology. Similarly, the course is focused towards those who are from the science background and want to pursue career in the computer field. Moreover, this program provides the students with practical knowledge and a strong foundation in the implementation of information technology and computer system.

With the emergence of the new technologies, the IT field is frequently changing and upgrading and hence requires a lot of skilled and professional IT workers to deal with the problems. B.Sc. CSIT helps to develop the level of skills needed to work in the IT industry. At the completion of B.Sc. CSIT, students will be able to design and develop various platforms and also are able to solve the complex problems of the IT world. Furthermore, the main mission of this course is to develop expertise in various It areas and to educate the students about the application and implementation of the computers.

Birat Kshitiz College provides a supportive environment and all the needed facilities to the students. Along with the facilities, the college also provides opportunities to the students to acquire various training and also to work as interns in various partner organizations. Similarly, the faculty members of the college are also well experienced and are dedicated to providing the students with the best possible education. Moreover, the college has designed the curriculum in such an advanced way that the students gain all the latest technical updates even if they are out of the syllabus. Hence, the college has truly focused on providing the best It education the youths of Nepal.


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