Banke Bageshwori College

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Banke Bageshwori College was established in 2013 by a team of young entrepreneurs. The college is located in Nepalgunj of Banke district. The college was established with the main aim of uplifting the information technology and communication education and bringing the students forward in this field. Moreover, the college envisions establishing itself as a pure IT institution and uplifting the standard of the IT education in Nepal.

Currently, BBC is providing the course of B.Sc. CSIT which is affiliated with Tribhuvan University. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology (B.Sc. CSIT) is a four-year, eight-semester course which is introduced with the aim of providing all sorts of knowledge in the computer and technology field. Similarly, this course is an integration of both computer science and technology hence, includes subjects of core science and information technology. Along with the classroom activities, the course also requires a great deal of practical training and project works and laboratory activities. Thus, this program uplifts the level of critical thinking and problem-solving abilities in the students. Moreover, the main aim of this course is to prepare and sharpen the skills of the students so that they are able to participate and pursue their career in IT field.

The IT industry is the fastest growing and ever-changing industry; hence working in this field can be challenging and requires advanced skills and knowledge. But at the same time, this sector holds tremendous scopes and opportunities for skilled and talented people. Hence, B.Sc. CSIT is such a course that develops advanced skills and abilities in the students that will help the students to overcome the challenges emerging in the IT industry. Similarly, this course helps the students to gain professionalism and pursue a career in reputed companies.

The graduates of B.Sc. CSIT can work in several governmental and non-government organizations, public and private software companies. Similarly, they have the benefit of choosing their careers in various sectors of IT as per their interest. Students can pursue their career as software developer, web developer, network administrator, IT manager, System Analyst and so on. Anyway this course develops the students in various ways in the IT field.

Banke Bageshwori College provides this course in an advanced and modern way. The students have the benefit of getting internship opportunities and placement opportunites as well with the partner organizations of the college. The college also provides various facilities such as library and computer laboratory that are essential for achieving academic excellence. BBC is truly moving forward to build an academic legacy in the Information technology field.


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