Asian School of Management

Asian School of Management
Asian School of Management
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Asian School of Management is located at Gongabu, Kathmandu. This college was inaugurated with an aim to provide education under the Information Technology(IT). Considering the popularity of IT, the college runs undergraduate programs such as BIM and B.Sc. CSIT under the affiliation to Tribhuvan University(TU). B.Sc. CSIT can be studied by those who have successfully passed +2 from Science Stream or equivalent whereas BIM can be enrolled by +2 students from any management background.
Bachelor in Information Management(BIM) is one of the IT-based courses that includes 60% of IT and 40% of management study. The program designed to provide knowledge regarding both management and moreover IT to the students has been one of the popular courses among the students. BIM products can fit in both the department of IT and management department as the study covers the dual field. BIM graduates can pursue their career as IT experts, IT managers, Software developer, Web developer, system analyst, and many other professions. Likewise, students can also pursue their career in management field like banking, finance, business and other management areas. To study this course, students need to successfully pass +2 and both management and science background students are accepted for this program.
On the other hand, Bachelor of science in computer and Information Technology(B.Sc. CSIT) is the IT course that combines the study of both computer science and IT. Students can achieve the in-depth knowledge about computer Science and Information Technology. This course builds up a strong base for the students developing their communication skills, presentation skills, and many other essential skills for them. B.Sc. CSIT graduates can get a wide range of employment opportunities and can work professionally as a Software Developer, Network Administration, Database Administration, System Administration, Designing and other various technical skilled person. Besides these, B.Sc. CSIT product also can share their technical knowledge by teaching other IT students. For joining this course, students are needed to pass +2 or equivalent from a science background.
Asian School of Management welcomes you to have an experience of better study along with the required facilities for the students. As offered courses are based moreover on the practical study, this college provides you an opportunity of job-oriented programs and also other for the effective education. Asian School of Management is pure IT college which makes it a better place for those students who aspire to build their career in IT field. The college efforts to help out the students by encouraging to know and understand the challenging and dynamic world of technology. As a result, students will be able to manage the different challenges in a professional way.


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