Apex College

Apex College
Apex College
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APEX College is a unique opportunity for transitional experience to every student.The College focuses on “Building Human Capital”. It was founded in 2000. DR. Minendra
Rijal is the academic head of the institute. Every student is an epitome of values which have been coached to be a principled and insightful leader of business and society. APEX College has largest and diversified team of full-time faculty as a result students can get benefit of regular and long contact hours for interaction with faculty members. APEX student counseling services guide and support in the academic and personal growth of student by assistance of professional expert, the counseling service address your emotional, interpersonal and academic concerns individually.The counselors work closely with you to ensure that your personal and academic goals are met. Students represent different social, cultural and professional background and bring diversity which enriches learning beyond classrooms.There are eight clubs at Apex led by students and managed by them. They organize the college functions, events are an integral part of Apex College. Apex career services are dedicated to facilitating your internship and placement.It plays an instrumental role in bridging gap between industry and academia through interaction between industry and college.It
provides services like case study, collaborative team project, seminars, field visits, article review, role play, research, independent study, interactive class sessions.

BCIS: Is a four-year program of Pokhara University. It is 124 credit hour curriculum.It integrates the concept and practice of management with information systems and
technology. Apart from course study, you must complete one CIS internship and one major project work of 4 credits to graduate from the BCIS Program.It is specially
designed for career relating to information systems and technology but doesn’t offer additional or separate courses as concentration. Your performance will be evaluated internally by the concerned faculty member and externally by the Office of the Controller of Examinations.(COE). Our values are integrity among students, academic activities, excellence in everything we do, respect for individual and intellectual differences.Diversity and inclusiveness to understand each other and expand our horizons, global perspective to business and life.BCIS graduates have lucrative career opportunities in Information Technology sector such as information analysts, database managers, trainers, hardware and software vendors.


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