Ambikeshwari Campus

Ambikeshwari Campus
Ambikeshwari Campus
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Ambikeshwari Campus is located at Ghorahi-11 of Dang District, Rapti Zone. This college offers Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology(B.Sc. CSIT) under the affiliation of Tribhuwan University. Ambikeshwari Campus was established with the main mission of uplifting the knowledge of IT and sharpening the technical skills of the students.
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology(B.Sc. CSIT) is one of the popular and demanding courses for the students. B.Sc. CSIT course is the combination of both Computer Science and Information Technology which makes it more advanced and interesting course of most of the students. This course builds up the strong foundation of IT and prepares them to deal with the challenging and competitive field.
This is the modern age of technology which has been concerned matter for every area from business to educational institutions. Mostly, the colleges have been running different IT programs under different University. There is high need of capable and skilled manpower around the world for the development and growth of this field. Accepting this fact, Ambikeshwari Campus has been running B.Sc. CSIT program for those having an aim to build their career in the field of IT. This college has been facilitating the students with better and friendly educational environment that helps them to study the program with interest and without monotonous. This college provides quality educations from the qualified and experienced professionals at an affordable price. B.Sc. CSIT products are accepted globally as there is the high importance of IT around the whole world. They have multiple career opportunities and they can work as a Web developer, Database Administrator, project manager, System Analysts and many other IT professionals.
Ambikeshwari Campus facilitates students with modern teaching and learning techniques which make them able to understand about the course in a better and effective way. For B.Sc. CSIT students, the college provides well-managed computer labs along with the opportunity of experiencing the scenario of working in the field. Ambikeshwari efforts on enhancing the creativity and technical knowledge of the students so that they can deal with the possible problems of the computer systems and fix them. With the motivating environment, students are also facilitated with the chance of field visits of course-related programs and other extra activities that help boost up the performance level and encourage students to sharpen their skills. The college gives priority to the quality of education in order to bring out the best outcomes who can cope up with a changeable environment in the market.


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